S2 Governance Guardians (Governors) Election Panel

This discussion is for the S2 election post for the Sword Holder and Team Lead candidates. Candidates can fill in the required information in the comments section. Sword Holder, also known as the Guardian of Resolutions, will form the Governor team along with the Team Lead, known as the Guardian of Governance.

Info Page:S2 季度治理守护者(Governors)竞选大会

Current position recruitment: S2 Open Position 开放岗位

CN Version 中文版内容

Apply Period: 2024/05/10 (Friday) - 2024/05/19 (Sunday)

According to the White Paper <Organizational Structure - Guardians - BuidlerDAO WhitePaper 1> definition:

Guardians are another identity held by some community members who interlace among various guilds, responsible for coordination and liaison work. Depending on their functions, they are divided into Partners, Governors, and Sword Holders, each guarding nodes, governance, and resolutions respectively.

A Governor, or Guardian of Governance, will undertake critical governance functions, as required by the white paper:

Key responsibilities include: forming and leading work groups, supporting goal achievement, promoting community governance, overseeing finances, maintaining community standards, and accepting community member applications for arbitration.

Sword Holders, or Guardians of Resolutions, will take on functions such as anti-malfeasance and treasury management, as required by the white paper:

Established to ensure the community develops in the right direction and to avoid potential node malfeasance, they have the power to veto any resolution (except immutable rules bound by the founding constitution). Multisig: Sword Holders are also the treasury multisignatories, requiring more than half to operate assets, such as 4/6, 4/7, 5/8.Veto Power: They can vote to veto any resolution (except immutable rules bound by the founding constitution) within 7 days after the resolution is confirmed.Selection Process: The 0th term consists of initiators; the 1st term consists of 5 guild Heads to ensure overall balance; normally, elections are held every six months, with each guild having at least one Sword Holder; each election may add 0-2 Sword Holders, with a maximum of 9 people.Eligibility Requirements: At least continuous contributions for over six months and currently contributing; Citizen level or above.

For ease of reference to BuidlerDAO’s horizontal and vertical organizational structure, refer to the above diagram. The Guardian team will have a horizontal identity, interlacing among various guilds, responsible for coordination and liaison work, divided into Partners, Governors, and Sword Holders, each guarding nodes, governance, and resolutions respectively.

This discussion will also form the basis of our formal proposal. We ask all members to follow the standard format below for their election statements, clarify their duties, and accept the supervision of the entire community. Additionally, if other members have questions or suggestions for improvement regarding the responsibilities of these positions, they are welcome to join the discussion here.

Election application format:

1. Name:
2. ETH Adrress:
3. Discord: 
4. Twitter: 
5. Position: What position you apply for
6. Qualifications (Backgrounds): Please briefly state your past experiences, including personal experiences, Web3 experiences, and experiences within DAOs.
7. Statement of Intention: Your Values & Reasons for Joining & Plan to Do
  1. Name: Gimmy

  2. ETH Adrress: 0x8D2c159f6aE11900caAd46CBFE46674629EF3A4b

  3. Discord: 0xgimmy

  4. Twitter: 0xGimmy

  5. Position: Proof Research

  6. Qualifications (Backgrounds):
    Physics + Finance background, FRM + CFA
    A contributor to FABDAO, Plurality Taipei, DAO Taipei, and Zulandia, and a proud participant of the Web3ForAll community and WAMO.

  7. Statement of Intention:
    Continue to work on in-depth research covering a wide range of topics within the Web3 space.

1. Name: createpjf|Leo
2. ETH Adrress: 0x31709B5E376Cfd5A174E10c49A4D38cF6E1bCf53
3. Discord: createpjf
4. Twitter: createpjf
5. Position: Operation Guild Sword Holder
6. Qualifications (Backgrounds): I have been continuously contributing to BuidlerDAO for a year, serving as the Head of the Operations Guild in S1. I was responsible for organizing daily community activities, planning events such as the Solana Hackerhouse, and facilitating the revising the whitepaper. Additionally, I participated in the planning of SpringX01 and SpringX Move.
7. Statement of Intention: Internationalization will be the goal for the new quarter, and we aim to involve more community members in the construction of Web3.

1. Name: Selina
2. ETH Adrress: 0x898e092A2adE5D65fB31cf66B10BD8ead28e1D13
3. Discord: HEYEAH
4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/BUSY_HYW
5. Position: Podcast & Space Team
6. Qualifications (Backgrounds): I have been continuously contributing to BuidlerDAO for since its launch, serving as translation team head in 2022 and 2023. and serving as the Head of Podcast and Content Operation since 2024. I have been in charge of Newsletter since July 2023, and has created 14 newsletters up to now. Also, with own podcast channel and MC experience, I believe that I could handle Podcast & Space Team with experience and passion in content creation and team management.
7. Statement of Intention: For Podcast, we aim to dive deeper in perspective of entrepreneurship by interviewing with founders. For Space, we aim to hold panels related to hot topics and valuable fields by collaborating with research guild.

Name: Francis
Ethaddress: 0x9f35B169eB84Ca67D49904234Da628781D248Edb
Discord: lee17
Twitter: https://twitter.com/francis_404
Position: Technology / DevRel
Qualification (backgrounds):
Since April 2023, I have been serving as the DevRel for CKB, where I’ve participated in and provided technical support for nearly all CKB ecosystem projects. I’ve also been present at CKB ecosystem hackathons and hacker houses, offering technical support. Currently, I am exploring Bitcoin ecosystem projects, focusing on various domains of BTC layer2 and derivatives.

Statement of intention:
I enjoy communicating and sharing. I was fortunate to transition from Web2 to Web3, but now I see more and more people wanting to make this transition without the necessary experience or opportunities. Therefore, I hope to communicate and even create opportunities for them to get involved, understand, and join Web3. Talk is cheap, show me the code. I hope to truly build valuable things with everyone and dispel the stereotype that the Chinese Web3 community only engages in speculative projects.

Plan to do: DevRel:

  • Interface with public blockchains to understand their technical backgrounds, ecosystem characteristics, and notable projects, and share my analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Engage developers in online and offline events like hacker houses and hackathons, or technical shares. On one hand, this allows people to better access Web3 technologies, and on the other hand, I hope to provide opportunities for individuals outside the Web3 industry.
  • Participate in external hackathon competitions. I hope to team up with friends from DAOs to attend hackathons, learn about new ideas and technologies, and also encourage more developers to join builderdao.

1. Name: Jane
2. ETH Adrress: 0xA7151b14C0AF009852D5337475d730379db77252
3. Discord: janezh11
4. Twitter: x.com
5. Position: Research Guild Sword Holder
6. Qualifications (Backgrounds):
I have been involved with BuidlerDAO for over a year, mainly as the head of the Research Guild and the Lead of the Tokenomics Research Group. I participate in doing in-depth research, discussing tokenomics with projects, and assisting in screening accelerator projects.
7. Statement of Intention:
Building a high-quality investment research brand and developing tokenomics design cases

1. Name: Davion
2. ETH Adrress: 0xAc85dB17b614c94332B494Ee8329C308f395A053
3. Discord: Davion
4. Twitter: x.com
5. Position: Financial Team Leader
6. Qualifications (Backgrounds):

  • UCD Aggies
  • Currently working at Deloitte in Hong Kong

I have been involved with Buidler DAO since March 2022. I have witnessed Buidler DAO’s growth from its early Notion page to becoming one of the most influential DAO organizations in the Chinese-speaking world.

I experienced various roles, including leading the Education Guild, being a member of the Governance and Operations Guilds, and contributing as a member of the Research and Tech Guilds. In the 0th and 1st quarter, I served as the Finance Team Leader, responsible for the team’s relevant work. In the previous quarter, I led and completed the treasury fund allocation project for Buidler DAO.

For this election, I hope to continue serve as the Buidler DAO Finance Team Leader. In my current plan, my primary responsibilities will be:

  1. Developing quarterly/monthly budgets and conducting budget management
  2. Establishing Buidler DAO’s financial policies and internal control processes
  3. Manage the fund in the Buidler DAO Treasury
  4. Preparing financial reports and statements, and regularly reporting the financial status to DAO members and investors
  5. Assisting with the design of Tokenomics and post-issuance Token management
  6. Providing support for future fundraising efforts