BuidlerDAO immprovment Proposal (BIP) Template

This article outlines a proposed template for submitting governance proposals to BuidlerDAO. Please follow the format below when drafting your proposal. If your submission does not meet the requirements, the administrator reserves the right to remove it.

Title: [BIP-001: xxx]

Proposal Source: [Original Source/Discussion Link]

Authors: @Username1, @Username2 (Discord Handle)

Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]


A brief summary of this proposal.


Answer: Why this proposal is being made? What problem does it solve? What are the driving forces?

How to help BuidlerDAO achieve its mission and stay true to its values?

Introduce the background of the proposer and disclose any conflicts of interest.

Main Body

Detailed explanation of the project, including participants, plans, etc. The more precise the numbers and implementation details, the greater the likelihood of the proposal being accepted.

Financial Impact

If there are any budget applications, contribution distributions or retrospective compensation, specific financial details, specific matters, distribution methods, etc. should be listed here.

Result Measurement

How to (in gradations) measure the success of the project.

Next Steps

Immediate action will be taken if the proposal is accepted.

Required Support (Optional)

Supplementary Material (Optional)

Voting Instructions (Optional)

  • If the vote is not a clear approval/disapproval or yes/no vote, the meaning of each vote needs to be explained to avoid ambiguity.
  • In accordance with the white paper, the determination method of this vote should be supplemented below for the convenience of other members to judge, including: minimum number of people, minimum number of points, voting duration, and passing rate.

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