BIP-026: Add New BuidlerDAO Sword Holder

Title: [BIP-024: New Buidler DAO Sword Holder]

Authors: @Davion

Date: [14/06/2024]


This proposal is to nominate a new sword holder (DAO Treasury Wallet Multi-Sig).

Voting period: 15/06/2024 —— 17/06/2024


As stated in the whitepaper of DAO, new sword holder should be nominated every 6 months. And in order for better management on DAO’s Treasury, I nominate the Head of Finance Team (current myself) as a new sword holder.

Current there are 6 sword holders (guild head and founding team member), and the multi-sig is “4/6”; after the nomination, the multi-sig will become “5/7”.

Main Body

As discussed on DAO’s weekly meeting, I will nominate Head of Finance Team as new sword holder.

Being a multi-Sig for the treasury allow financial team to better monitor and run the current treasury and enrich our team of sword holders.

Financial Impact

No direct impact on finance, some indirect benefits are stated as above.

Result Measurement

The nomination is successful and Financial Team Leader become a sword holder.

Next Steps

The other sword holders agree and add Financial Team Leader’s wallet as Treasury’s multi-sig wallet.



Voting Result: Pass with 8 For